About the Project

The Kuraray project was a multi-faceted project that involved a piping scope with the installation and testing of 254,352 linear feet of carbon steel and stainless-steel piping and 50,000 welds. Throughout this project, Tellepsen managed the installation, grouting and alignment of 874 pieces of mechanical equipment that included but was not limited to pumps, towers, dryers, shakers, and reactors. The structural scope included the erection of 2,149 tons of steel with a mixture of both fireproofed and bare steel.

Personnel Coordination:

The project involved managing a peak manpower of 1,300 Tellepsen employees. Collaboration was key to the success of this project, requiring daily coordination with multiple contractors. Tellepsen meticulously maintained the site schedule and coordinated with all of the other contractors to maintain a centralized accurate schedule. In addition, Tellepsen managed the majority of our clients’ subcontractors ensuring common quality and safety standards across all project areas. Maintaining a complete set of jobsite drawings with redlining and as-builts onsite ensured the ability to address and manage adjustments as quickly as possible to maximize efficiency.

Safety Technologies:

Safety technology, training and coordination played a significant role in this project due to the extremely tight work areas and surrounding congestion. Frequent safety meetings played a key role in the success of this project.

The Details

Type: Plastic Plant
Client: Kuraray

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